The SEDS UNLV chapter was established in January of 2019 as a science and engineering based student organization aimed at developing a variety of space-related endeavors. The organization aims to bring together students passionate about space to work on challenging projects, as well as fostering interest among the student body in space exploration.

SEDS-USA was established in 1980 and is the largest student-run space organization in the world, consisting of an international community of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students from a diverse range of educational backgrounds in chapters all over the world.


Rabih Chaar

Rabih Chaar is a Mechanical Engineering and Honors College student currently leading the Electronics subsystem of the SRAD Liquids project. His work on the project includes creating the ignition system, controlling the bi-propellant system, and collecting data through LabVIEW. He plans to join the aerospace sector after graduation with a focus on propulsion.

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Gavin Chung
Vice President

Gavin Chung is a junior studying mechanical engineering and is the project lead of the SRAD Liquids Project. He is interning this summer at the Air Force Research Laboratory, working on a propulsion project. He plans to continue his work to one day work in the aerospace sector as a propulsion engineer. His favorite pastimes include rock climbing and cooking.

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Etsub Mechal

Etsub is in his second year studying mechanical engineering at UNLV. He is also part of our sister organization, RebelSat UNLV.

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Foroutan Rezazadeh

Foroutan Rezazadeh is a third year mechanical engineering student and is currently involved in the SRAD Liquids Project. He has a love for aerospace and rocketry and is working towards a career in the industry.

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